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About paper pulp moulding product


      Paper pulp moulding product is a kind of packaging which is made from waste paper and pulp cardboard by appropriative equipment and unique technics. Firstly,paper pulp moulding products are only applied to the transport packaging of farm produce such as egg ,fruit and so on. But gradually,the range of application and research is enlarged to the safeguard packaging of industrial product,such like electronic product, household appliances, apparatus,glassware, crockery, minitype machine etc..
Paper pulp moulding mostly use cheap waste paper as raw material to make not only valuable but also environmentally friendly products.It can greatly cut down the use of plastic,and reduce environmental pollution.What's more,it also discover a new way to recycle waste paper at the same time .
The features

1.   It can make all kinds of products of various specifications and complicated shapes.In this case,it can meet the demand of any kind of packaging..It also convenient for seclusion and orientation.
2.  The pulp is gentle and soft,but the holistic structure has enough intension,which makes it have good protecting and amortization performance
3.  Perfect ventilated and humidity absorbing performance are good for keeping food fresh.what is more,if you require that the products should be waterproof,we can put some certain waterproof additive into the pulp material.
4.  If necessary,the product can also be made have the performance of flame retardancy and static retardancy.
5.  We can use the waste as the raw material ,and the product can also be recycled ,which is good for environmental protection.
6.  There are many advantages comparing to EPS,EPE,EPP package:
A.  The raw materials of our product are waste paper and all kinds of fibre materials ,which are easy to collect , good for environment and recycle,and administer to the export of product.
B.  The product can be widely used ,so now, the foam which are widely used for the packaging material are replaced by paper pulp moulding product .Moreover,it can be piled up ,which can save more space ,therefore , the expanses for transport and stock can be reduced.
C.  The static retardancy of the procuct are good for protect electronic products and household appliance.
D.  The product has good ventilation so that the food can be avoided from blet.
E.  At present ,the cost of the paper pulp moulding products is much cheaper than that of foam.

The process