HitaPack Equipment

About Service

Solemn promise
1. Our company implements ISO9001 international quality standard strictly to produce and test the quality.
2. All of the steels ,profiled bar ,pipes and component used for the machine ,we will conform to the type of the contrcat strictly.
3. In our company,all of the machines will be checked and tested strictly. Unqualified accessory will never be installed .And the machine must run continuously 24 hours without producing,and test—work for 2 hours before it is stocked .
4. If there is any problem of our machine ,we will give the customer an approving answer as soon as possible.

Pre—sale servises
According to our technic and experience for so many years,we will give the general and professional analysis to our customer ,according to your investment intent and the actual condition.It includes:
① investment in regional market analysis
② workshop condition ,workshop planning ,equipment layout
③ equipment configurations and elementary price for the first investment
④ required water ,electricity,staff ,assistant establishment etc. during the first period.
⑤ economic benefit analysis,to provide the most reasonable investment program.

Sales sevices :
1. detailed design of the process planning ,civil engineering plan ,pipe lines, circuit diagram for reference.
2. provide the name , specification ,model and quantity of the equipment we supply to the customer.
3. after delivery,we will send the professional technicians to install and test the equipment if basal buliding is ready;after it , the technicians will take a systemic train to your staff, including explaining at class and operation demonstration .And the content consist of the structure , elements ,technic,daily maintenance, common malfunction handling of equipment
4. If you are the customers abroad , our professional technicians will stay for a while after training, till your staff can operate skillfully ; if you are the customers at home ,we will follow by phone for a week ,in order to help you deal with the problem at first

After service :
① we will take regular or stochastic inspection for the sold equipment ,and the experienced engineers will be sent to duty visit .And they will give directions to our customers to ensure the normal and safe operation ;
② we will also promise that the equipment can be guaranteed for one year after selling ,and after the period of validity, we can also provide service with reasonable payment.