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ZMG-ROTARY series automatic paper pulp moulding product line


    ZMG-ROTARY series automatic paper pulp moulding product line applies ZMG-ROTARY 8-sides rotary forming machine ,the rotary has 8 moulding boards with same forming moulds;the transfer mould board is deivded to 4 or 6 or 8 pieces .while the forming moulds circumvolve intermittently, The forming mould board and the mould will work by turns , thereinto,one absorbing pisition ,one shower ,four drying positions ,one transfer pisition one mould cleaning position ,they are woking together at the same time ,so that the efficiency bacome higher . The features of this series of ZMG-ROTARY product line consists of advanced structure ,high automatic , short operation periods ,great output, efficient and so on .It is usualy used in the large quantities prodution of egg tray ,egg carton ,fruit tray ,bottle tray and so on .It is a type of high quality rotaty pulp moulding machine of egg tray pulp moulding product packing .

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